Validation of qualifications obtained outside of Scandinavia

For persons with prior experience of the plumbing industry obtained outside of Sweden there are two ways to become a certified plumber.

  1. Either you have extensive experience from working as a plumber and can apply for validation of plumbing qualifications, a qualification test in 1-3 steps both theoretical and practical.
  2. Or you need to get a job as an apprentice at a Swedish plumbing company and, depending on your prior experience, work there for a couple of years before applying to perform the final exam. The company needs to be affiliated with the pluming employer association or the plumbing union.

Knowledge of the Swedish language and employent at a company affiliated with the pluming employer association or the plumbing union, is mandatory to receive your certificate.


To make it easier to give a picture of your prior experiences you can enclose a selfassessment with your application. Print it out and circle your appropriate qualification level where applicable. Then enlcose it with your application for Special Validation.

Selfassessment plumbing experience