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The plumbing trade in Sweden

The plumbing profession is part of the heating, ventilation and plumbing industry (HVP) along with other professions such as Industrial pipe fitters, Insulation fitters and HVP fitters.

The Plumbing Employer Association (Installatörsföretagen) and the Plumbing Union (part of Byggnads) has been cooperating for the last 50 years in order to secure sufficiently skilled plumbers and HVP fitters. “Utbildningsavtalet”, a part of the union agreement (Teknikinstallationsavtalet) documents the framework on how to achieve this.

VVSYN (the joint Swedish plumbing industry training board) i responsible to carry out the intention of the agreement to secure the quality of the vocational education and the final examination necessary to become a certified plumber in Sweden.

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